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Terms of Stay

The Regulations define the rules for the provision of accommodation services, liability and staying on the premises of the Facility - Poznań, ul. MOSTOWA 30, and is an integral part of the reservation agreement.

The agreement for the accommodation service is concluded by making a reservation (by phone, e-mail or online in the booking system at and payment of the entire amount due for the stay by the Guest).

  1. By concluding the contract, the Guest confirms that he has read and accepts the terms and conditions of the Regulations of the Facility.

  2. The regulations apply to all guests.

  3. The Regulations are available at

  4. Apartments in the Object are rented for days. Accommodation begins at 3 p.m. and ends at 12.00 the next day. Any extension of the stay must be notified in advance. The possibility of extending the stay depends on the current availability of the Apartments.

  5. You can use the Apartments only after completing the registration formalities and after making the full payment for the stay.

  6. Only the number of people specified in the booking can stay in the apartment.

  7. The facility may refuse to accept a Guest who did not comply with the Regulations during the previous stay.

  8. The guest has no right to transfer, share or sublet the apartment to third parties.

  9. On the premises of the Facility there is a curfew from 23.00 - 9.00.

  10. Visitors may stay in the Facility until 20.00. After this time, only the number of people specified in the booking may stay in the apartment. Guests who have made a reservation are fully responsible for the guests visiting the Facility . 

  11. It is completely forbidden to organize very fancy social events in the Apartments. In the event of an intervention by the Police, Municipal Police, etc. the Guest is responsible for all the related consequences. We ask for your understanding for the comfort of our other guests staying at the same time in the neighboring apartments and thank you for your understanding . 

  12. No smoking is allowed on the premises of the Facility. A smoking area is located in the courtyard of the building.

  13. Please let us know at least 1 day before arrival if you need an extra bed in the apartment. The cost of an extra bed is PLN 290 per night.

  14. Children over 5 years of age are treated as "price" as adults and sleep on separate beds.

  15. All prices quoted on the website during the booking process are in PLN and include 8% VAT

  16. The Guest is fully responsible for any damage or destruction of equipment and other devices in the Apartment, even if they were caused unintentionally.

  17. The guest is obliged to immediately notify the employee of the Facility about any damage to the property or equipment of the apartment, as well as to report any other irregularities immediately.

  18. The facility is not responsible for the loss or damage of items belonging to guests and third parties staying in the Apartment at their invitation.

  19. In the process of booking an accommodation service, you voluntarily provide the Property with your personal data. In particular, the name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address and, if applicable, company details. All personal data provided is collected only for the purpose of providing the accommodation service and is subject to the same protection as the data provided in the booking process carried out by OTCR Apartments, included in the Privacy Policy tab.

  20. In exceptional and unforeseen circumstances, the facility reserves the right to replace the booked Apartment with another of a similar standard, and in very unlikely situations where there is no free Apartment (so-called overbooking) to cancel the reservation made by the Guest. The entire amount for the canceled booking will then be refunded to the Guest.

  21. Internet access in the facility is free of charge.

We kindly ask you to follow the Regulations and we wish you a pleasant experience during your stay!

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